A Life Carved In the Wake of Loss
EP artwork depicting Arthur's vision of the Akeroe tower.
Released 24th April, 2013
Tracks 7
Duration 29:52
Format Digital Download
Artwork Iscariot
Followed By TBA
A Life Carved In the Wake of Loss is a concept album and first release from MNTNR, marking the first era of the Mountaineer saga and the first chapter in the chronicles of Arthur.

The album tells the story of Arthur, who wakes up on Ru'un and begins exploring the landscape with a mysterious wolf. The first half of the album describes the events the two experience together before they are later seperated from each other. The second half documents the remainder of Arthur's journey which brings him to the abandoned ancient mountain city of Akeroe. After healing from his wounds he begins to rebuild the city, ultimately leading to his recovery from the loss of his only friend, and in the process becoming the new Architect of Akeroe.


  1. The Warrior & the Wolf (5:00)
  2. Blood Brother (4:50)
  3. Lashing (4:43)
  4. The Wake of Loss (0:53)
  5. Hollows (3:57)
  6. Light In Dark Places (4:45)
  7. The Architect (5:41)


The album was released on the 24th April 2013 as a free digital download via Bandcamp.