Arthur's Dream
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Appears On Arthur's Dream - Single
Track 1
Duration 5:16
Preceded By N/A
Followed By The Warrior & the Wolf

Arthur's Dream is a prequel track, which precedes and foreshadows MNTNR's debut release A Life Carved In the Wake of Loss. The track contains compositional elements that are present in the album; most notably "Arthur's Theme", a simple leitmotif which can be heard in most tracks to represent the main character.

The track is supposed to represent Arthur's dream like state caused by his stasis, as he is placed on Ru'un before waking up at the start of The Warrior & the Wolf.

The track was released on 15th March 2013 for free download as a promotional tactic to spark interest and anticipation for the debut release, which is due on the 24th April 2013.