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Basurae is a popular site of pilgrimage due to its tranquil setting which aids healing and recovery.

(In Ru'an: Basu're) is one of the four cities, best known for its affinity for natural energy and healing qualities. It is located in the South West region of Ru'un, off the coast from the small island of Belpyn.

The city is the second oldest out of the four, with the city of Akeroe being first. Basurae exists entirely underwater using a relatively simple but intelligent engineering method of recycling oxygen from the surface. As a result the city is renowned as a tranquil place of relaxation and healing.

Ru'nians particularly gifted in using energy often travel there to study under the guidance of elders, using the therapeutic surroundings to concentrate and channel their energy. It is speculated that Basurae even enhances one's ability to weild and even understand natural energy, though this is unlikely to be proven scientifically as the majority of Basurae's residents consist of teachers and their students.



Basurae, a modernisation of the ancient Ru'an Basu're, consists of two basic terms. Unlike the other three cities and their emytology, the name does not suggest an elemental theme such as rock, air or fire.

For example, the Ru'an Basu comes from Basur, meaning body. This is strange considering how Akeroe (Aki: rock), Kakkorom (Kako: fire) and Valrier (Val: air) all have names which constitute elemental themes. It is possible that the term could be used in a literal sense, i.e. a "body of water", but this theory is usually disregarded. Basurae teachers often compare the experience of being in the city to being submerged underwater, and suddenly becoming aware of the beating of your heart. In this respect the term Basu could be used more in the sense of a chamber or vessel, which allows the individual to focus on their internal balance. Basurae is widely known for helping people to heal faster from physical and emotional damage. The common human ideology of a seperate body and mind is discarded in Basurae teaching in favour of the concept that good emotional and physical strength are attributes of a healthy body.

The slightly less intrguing Re is simply a feminine form of the term Raa, meaing city. Basurae is often reffered to as the Eldest Sister, as the older of the two "female" or "sister" cities. This is often shortened to Eldest, but over time the word has lost its meaning and has become a slang name for the city.