This article, Eska, is about a character, place or concept which has not yet been introduced or has yet to make an appearance. You may not recognise it from A Life Carved In the Wake of Loss

Other Names the Gifted
Basic Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthplace Earth
Physical attributes
Keyek None
Power Type Energy Manipulation, Healing
Allies Arthur, Sancrowe, The Forge
Love Interests Unknown

Eska (also Eska the Gifted ) is an Earth-born human who played a vital role as one of the four. Her abilities are expansive, but usually focus on the summoning of natural energy from the planet's core. Due to her seemingly limitless power, Eska is a well known entity on Ru'un, specifically in her home of Basurae where she studied extensively under the matriarch Tuska. At the time of meeting Arthur she was referred to as the 'Child of Basurae' - the most powerful energy wielder of its students, as well as one of the great healers.



With her powers, Eska can focus Ru'un's natural energy to a number of practical applications such as:

  • Organic tissue regeneration
  • Physical projection of mental visions
  • Telekinetic ability with certain objects
  • Summoning concentrated orbs of pure energy
  • Energy dispension (shockwaves, bolts, forcefields)

Eska's power can also be used to charge power cores in weaponry and vehicles that Sancrowe has developed, making the two a powerful duo in combat.


Eska is an amazing team player in combat, as her (mostly) non-violent approach revolves around boosting and enabling the potential of others in the party. Of course her ability to charge weaponry has caught the attention of some sinister types within the scientific community, forcing her to question what she should use her powers for.


Eska's power is overwhelming but her sense of control is the key to her strength. Her weakness is her power, in that it can become unstable if her focus is broken. The flow of energy through her is so great and pure that it gives her some seemingly super-human attributes. Eska never needs to eat or drink, and can even regulate her body temperature using her channelling abilities. As such she spends much of her time mediating.