G'arun's mask
Other Names G'arun
Basic Information
Species Ru'Harem
Gender Male
Allies Arthur

Garren (G’arun in the old tongue) was a powerful Ru’Harem forseer and former leader of The Guardians. As one of the Old Ones, Garren is extremely knowledgable about the known universe and his wisdom is well known among others in his species.

Whilst the majority of The Guardian Council were concerned with the protection of their former homeworld, Garren studied the humans of Ru’un and on Earth extensively and drew his own conclusions of what the future would hold. His study of human ways taught him many things, which he would later use to communicate with Arthur and train him in the ways of the Ru’Harem.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Garren is an ancient cosmic being with much of his early life spent on his homeworld of Ru many millennia before the existence of Ru’un or the events surrounding Arthur and the Four. During this time, Garren would have served in the great initiative to explore other worlds in search of life and expand the Ru’Harem home to beyond the stars. 

After thousands of years of celestial exploration he returned to Ru with many others to discuss the fate of their planet. He raised the point that no-one could truly predict the outcome of the disaster, even with all the knowledge and wisdom the Universe could offer them. This opinion was extremely unpopular and for eons after the destruction of Ru, Garren become somewhat of a social outcast and poster-boy for radical thinking. 

The Guardians Edit

It was only after returning to their Solar System and discovering Ru’un and Earth that the Ru’Harem gave thought to the ramblings of G’arun, now a wise and aged explorer. Bitter with their failure to predict the fate of their homeworld, the Ru’Harem created a new initiative – The Guardians – tasked with the protection and study of the world they once called home.

When Garren finally returned to his home system he was tasked with leading The Guardians by vote, although many Ru’Harem leaders still disliked his lack of faith in their foresight. In time this would become clear.