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Kakkorom's permanent dust cloud earnt it the nickname "The City of Ashes"

(in Ru'an: Kakk'rom) is an ancient stronghold located in the North continent of Ru'un. Loosely translated from it's original Ru'an name it means "City of Fire". It is a volcano city; the schematics and layout of which are not entirely known, rendering it one of the most mysterious locations on Ru'un.



Like all of the four cities the ancient Ru'an name for the city, Kakk'rom, comprises of two basic terms.

The first, Kakk (which comes from Kako, meaning fire) is a term which describes the aggressive nature of fire and its tendency to destroy everything in it's path. The Ru'Harem were more than aware of the natural powers of their homeworld and, despite the obvious connotations between fire and destruction, were also aware of its constructive qualities. It is likely that this term was used to describe the city as having the capacity to destroy (eruptions and lava flow) as well as some constructive qualities (rock formations from cooled lava, etc.).

The second term, Rom, is a deviation of Raa; meaning city. Variations including an 'o' represent the masculine version of the term (see also: Ake'ro), with Re or Rae (i.e. Val'rie, Basu're) representing female, respectively.


Due to its aggressive appearance and questionably uninhabitable nature, the city often occurs as being the home of evil or antagonistic figures in much of Ru'un's fables and lore. Kakkorom rarely sees travellers, mainly due to the harsh conditions that are typical in the Northmost continent. As a result the majority of writings of the city are only speculative, with only a handful of explorers ever seeing it first hand.

It is rumoured that the rock face of the mounatin is so warm from internal lava flow that snow is unable to settle on it.


Kakkorom is an active volcano and the most northern non-natural location on Ru'un, making it one of the harshest places to live. Snowfall is consistently heavy all year round, with erratic eruption patterns ranging in severity on a regular basis. It is speculated that the Ru'Harem built the internals of the city to withstand the fierce nature of the volcano. Some believe it is entirely possible, while others dismiss the idea as fantasy. Regardless there are no accounts from any explorers on the layout of the city.

One consistent account from eyewitnesses describes the volcano as having a permanent veil of ash towering upwards from the crown of the mountain. This has earnt Kakkorom the nickname "The City of Ashes".