Other Names The Forge
Basic Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Birthplace Unknown
Physical attributes
Keyek Unknown
Power Type Physical Strength, Invincibility
Allies Arthur, Eska, Sancrowe
Love Interests Unknown

Killyon (commonly 'The Forge') is a key member of the four, and the last member to join the group. Initially thought to be a threat to the humans of Ru'un, Arthur, Eska and Sancrowe later realise that his intent is far from malice and he becomes a vital part of their mission.

The first of a series of Ru'Harem experiments to discover the potential of humans, Killyon was partly engineered to be an incredibly powerful specimen. His creators fearful of his future, he was confined to Kakkorom where he was expected to survive in solitude. He was found by the four, who soon after invited him to join them. The forge is headstrong and an accomplished survivor who at first finds it difficult to work as part of a team, but soon develops to become a vital part of the group.