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Mountaineer is an ever-evolving fiction intended to transport readers through space to a strange planet where ancient cities levitate above the ground and the energy in the planet's core can be wielded by its own inhabitants. On this world four powerful warriors emerge to study and protect their homeworld, all the while being monitored closely by an ancient, cosmic presence.

Concerning Spoilers

This Wiki was created as a writing tool and thus contains most information about the Mountaineer universe: it's Characters, places and events) - including major plot spoilers. Until all articles containing spoilers can be properly highlighted we suggest waiting to use the site. This world is very much under construction.

Concerning Images

Currently, this Wiki features sourced images from a well-known online community of artists. These temporary images have only been used to allow readers to better understand the Mountaineer universe and in time will eventually be replaced with completely original work. Artwork is a huge part of the storytelling process and we are grateful for any and all contributions - big or small.

If you would like to contribute to this Wiki, please contact our head admin to become part of TheMountaineerWiki Team.

Places to start

New to the Mountaineer universe? Here are some good starting points:

  • Arthur, the main character of the Mountaineer saga.
  • Akeroe, Arthur's home in the mountain, where much of the story is set.
  • Ru'un, the planet where the story takes place.

Other noteworthy pages:

A Life Carved In the Wake of Loss

Mountaineer started as a musical concept, which soon evolved into a rich literary universe of Characters and events. The original concept LP (released in 2013) follows the story of Arthur as he wakes up on Ru'un and follows a mysterious wolf in the hope of finding a place to call home.

For more on this subject, see below:

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