This article, Ru, is about a character, place or concept which has not yet been introduced or has yet to make an appearance. You may not recognise it from A Life Carved In the Wake of Loss


Ru's atmosphere was considered to be incredibly rich, making it the perfect place for life to exist.

Ru is an ancient world, fabled for being the first planet in the universe to host life. It is the birthplace of the Ru'Harem, a humanoid race which would conquer the cosmos over millions of years. Ru is not only rich with heritage but also spiritual energy, allowing it's most successful life form - the Ru'Harem - uncomprehendable intellect and power.

Following the collision of Lua, and event predicted by the Ru'Harem long before it happened, the planet Ru was violently shattered into two pieces. It's remains remoulded and remained in orbit around the Sun, maintaining a tandem orbit.

The mitosis of Ru formed two new life-bearing worlds: Ru'un and Earth. The Ru'Harem returned to find their perfect homeworld split into two, with the remaining spiritual energy still stored in one and lifeforms with the potential to weild the energy on the other. In order to create the perfect lifeform, their intervention would be required.