This article, Ru'Harem, is about a character, place or concept which has not yet been introduced or has yet to make an appearance. You may not recognise it from A Life Carved In the Wake of Loss


Artistic impression of what the Ru'Harem may have looked like in an early physical form.

The Ru'Harem (In Ru'an: People of Ru) are an ancient superhuman form of life that existed during the time when Ru'un and Earth existed as one planet known as Ru. They are an extrememly scientifically and spiritually gifted race, whom predicted and survived the splitting of their home planet by escaping into space before the collision of Lua. Their race is spread throughout the galaxy, with small groups stationed in each solar system to monitor and protect any existing life.

The Guardians are one of the most powerful groups of Ru'Harem as they protect the homes of their species: Ru'un, and it's twin, Earth. They are responsible for moving Arthur to Ru'un, as well as a number of key events in the planet's history; the most notable being the construction of the ancient cities Ake'ro, Kakk'rom, Val're and Basu're, known collectively as the four cities.