IMAG0463 1
Other Names The Polymath
Basic Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Birthplace Ru'un
Physical attributes
Keyek Unknown
Power Type Cerebral, Superior Intellect
Allies Arthur, Eska, Killyon
Love Interests Unknown
Sancrowe (also 'The Polymath') is an incredibly powerful Ru'nian human, and an important member of the four. His greatest power is his superior mind, which allows him to build complex machines that can harness the natural energy within Ru'un. His unique technology is highly saught after by other humans, who often wish to utilise it in more dangerous ways, thus forcing Sancroe into a nomadic lifestyle.

Sancrowe is a key member of the four and typically operates in a support role in combat. With equipment that enables him to fight in many different ways, he is a capable warrior but ultimately works best with a team.

Biography Edit

Abilities Edit

Sancrowe's ability to understand and build complex systems is unparalleled. He often fashions himself new gadgets before replacing them with something more useful, dependant entirely on the immediate circumstances. He can be incredibly resourceful when developing new technology, but due to his ability to construct almost anything his mind can conceive, he rarely needs o rely on specific pieces of equipment. As such, his extensive arsenal of weapons, gadgets and vehicles is ever evolving.

Notable Inventions Edit

  • Rune-core technology
  • Core-powered weaponry (Pulse rifles & cannons)
  • Modular combat suits
  • Core-powered aircraft (The Finch)

Attributes Edit

Just as it is his strength, Sancrowe's greatest weakness is also his mind. He is the only one who holds himself back with doubt and the overwhelming thought processes that come with a superior brain. He often obsesses over small details and has a deep-seated fear of failure, especially when the odds are stacked against him. He strives for perfection in his work and often achieves it, but not without consequence.

Behaviour Edit

Sancrowe's personality is supposed to be a reflection of the right side of the brain - emphasising on logic, statistics, and order. Despite his calculative approach to things Sancrowe is unmistakably human, and chaos inevitably ebbs its way into the equation through his actions.

He has good relationships with the other members of the four. He works particularly well in combat with Eska, whom has the ability to charge the energy cores in his equipment. Sancrowe's views on the world are well developed and are only really met with criticism by Killyon, who's character contrastingly represents the left side of the brain. Sancrowe's aspiration for progress and the control of natural power for good often clash with the beliefs of The Forge, who believes nature is the only true power.