This article, Valrier, is about a character, place or concept which has not yet been introduced or has yet to make an appearance. You may not recognise it from A Life Carved In the Wake of Loss


Valrier is a symbol of engineering as well as the possibilities of harnessing Ru'un's natural energy.

(In Ru'an: Val'rie) is an iconic metropolis of Ru'un. Originally constructed long before human discovery, the youngest of the four cities built by the Ru'Harem, it has since become one of the planet's most popular locations for settlers as well as institutes which specialise in the study of contemporary sciences and energy.

The city uses an elaborately engineered, ancient core to amplify natural energy from Ru'un. This allows it to suspend itself high above the ground, making it the planet's only "Sky City". Needless to say it has always been an incredibly rich source of speculation, with many philosophers and scientists eager to find a way inside to study the ancient systems which enable it to "fly" through the clouds.



Valrier shares the same basic emytology as the other four cities, in that it consists of two main Ru'an terms: Val and Rie. Together the two translate loosely as "Swift City" or "City of Air".

The Ru'an word Val is commonly associated with air in the elemental sense. However, it is more likely that it refers to the concept of an object's weight being "as light as air", in direct reference to the city's seemingly impossible capabilities of "flight". It is for this reason that the city is often reffered to as "Swift City" as oppose to the more obvious "City of Air", with Val also encompassing attributes such as the speed and clarity, and not just weight of air.

Rie is an expansion on the feminine (Re) variation of Raa; the Ru'an term for city. The reason for this variation is unknown and is speculated to be little more than a way of avoiding confusion with Valrier's sister city, Basurae (or Basu're in Ru'an).