Viressa Ka
Vi's powerful psychic abilities are result of a double Keyek formation on her neck.
Other Names Vi, Keeper of Akeroe
Basic Information
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthplace Ru'un
Physical attributes
Keyek Neck (Double)
Power Type Psychic
Allies Arthur, Eska
Love Interests Unknown

Viressa Ka (also Kazra, Keeper of Akeroe, or more simply Vi) is an experienced Ru'nian psychic native to Ru'un. She is Arthur's oldest human ally and played an essential part in the reconstruction of Akeroe, a place which had been her home for years before. She has one of the oldest spirits, mainly due to her mental resilience which could partly be a result of possessing a double Keyek formation on her neck. This placemement also grants her strong psychic abilities, allowing her to perceive future events and communicate with all living things.

She is the first human to find the Hollows of Akeroe, a hidden passage and only accessible entrance to the mountain city, which she discovered while seeking refuge. After finding her new home Vi used her abilities to map the history and future of the ancient mounatin stronghold, only to find that she was not to begin the reclamation herself but instead wait for the coming of the Architect; who she later discovered to be Arthur.